Code of Ethics Emeclar SA

Contributing to the improvement of human health

EMECLAR S.A. is a company founded in 1992 with the MISSION of contributing to the improvement of human health, representing and marketing accessories and medical devices of medium and high complexity, providing an efficient service through an organization made up of a well trained and motivated human group. Our daily activity is based on the following VALUES: Ethics, Responsibility, Commitment, Quality, Compliance, Respect.
We are convinced that acting based on our code of ethics will lead us to achive full satisfaction of our clients, having acted loyally with our company and with the interested parties in an honest and respectful manner. Senior management carries out its work by making ethical, efficient and profitable decisions and therefore we strive to be a better management model every day. Investments are made in order to be sustainable by creating long-term value, one of the reasons we have been in this market since 1992. For Emeclar’s Top Management, it is mandatory that each member of this company read and incorporate this code into their daily work .

With our clients

It is very important for us that our clients are satisfied with our services. They are our strategic allies and we strive every day to offer them a business proposal that allows their development in the field of health. In our dealings with them, there is no option whatsoever of any kind of corrupt action, bribery or favoritism, or any activity that is contrary to the law or that threatens the health of the population.

With our work team

Dealing with our collaborators is based on respect, trust and affection. For which any other type of mistreatment must be reported to the complaint channel

Each person has their unique value and we recognize their contribution to our work team. We respect them and will not allow any type of discrimination based on age, religion, gender identity, ethnic diversity, sexual orientation, political choice or for any condition that is protected by our laws.

This applies from recruitment, selection, daily development, promotion, change of position and / or termination. We will not tolerate any type of harassment or conditioning of the staff, nor that the success of a person depends on favoritism. Our commitment is to maintain a pleasant and comfortable work environment for all members of the company and we demonstrate against all types of harassment. We understand that mutual respect will provide our staff with security in their employment, allowing them to trust us and dedicate themselves with care to their tasks. We recognize the importance of transmitting clear information to our work team to carry out their duties with integrity, professionalism and enthusiasm.

The daily operations that take place in our company are carried out in a context of simplicity and productivity, under the principle of austerity. We make efficient use of resources avoiding waste, keeping them in perfect condition, prolonging their useful life and favoring the correct use of our time, complying with the agreed working hours.


Each member of our work team assumes the commitment of responsible and legitimate use of the information to which they have access, keeping the confidentiality and security of the information as intellectual property at all times. This includes the information system, marketing schemes, financial and accounting information, product details, and personnel.

Likewise, the company will maintain confidentiality for any type of claim or complaint that is made through our complaint channel and ensure that there will be no retaliation for reporting any type of act that violates this code.

Conflict of interests

We expect all staff to work dedicatedly for the benefit of the company without the decision making being affected by any factor other than productivity, effectiveness, efficiency and the fulfillment of our goals.

In order to avoid conflicts between the interests of the company and personal interests, all of us have the responsibility to declare any reason that may conflict with Emeclar. The statement must be sent to his immediate superior to be elevated to the management.


In EMECLAR SA there is zero tolerance for corrupt acts, so it will not be possible to bribe, offer money, goods, favors or services to anyone who interacts with us (clients, suppliers, public officials). We maintain adequate processes that comply with all applicable legislation and that promote a culture of integrity, control and legality to prevent illegal situations.

With our external and represented suppliers

We are committed to conducting honest and fair negotiations. All providers will be treated kindly and respectfully. Each hiring process will be providing the necessary information about the election with the objectivity and transparency of the decision-making process, always based on the price-value-added-quality-service ratio offered.

The supplier’s selection will be to build a sustainable business relationship over time, therefore we work with those who offer us products / services of excellence and guarantee the highest quality and safety standards in our market as sensitive as human health.

We are known for having long-term suppliers, achieving a relationship of trust for the development of business on both sides. We protect the confidentiality of information from external providers, hoping in return they comply with our code. We consider our main commitment to be timely payment for your services / products.

To do this, we establish clear agreements regarding payments with clear and transparent procedures avoiding any misinterpretation or bad practices.

With our competition

Emeclar SA competes in the health market based on price, quality and service in a framework of respect towards them.
Whenever we have to talk about them it will be based on facts. Any comparison with the competition will be made using exact terms, without qualifications and without using information or misleading arguments or sharing information about our company.

With the government and public entities

We keep ourselves informed of the laws and regulations of our country. When maintaining contact with public entities and their members for the exercise of our business, it is essential to maintain friendly and respectful treatment with public officials and avoid any interpretation that leads to the intention of bribery or any act of corruption. Our company does not collaborate directly or indirectly with the financing of campaigns Electoral and / or political contributions.

With Medical Associations

We maintain a close relationship with medical associations for the development of their academic activities and commercial events. We consider that they are of great importance for the continuous training of medical specialists.

With society

We are immersed in society. Therefore we contribute the best to continue to be a fair, united and happy society.

With the environment

We promote among all the members of the company the care of the environment and biodiversity as well as responsible practices for waste management, saving water and energy and all elements that could potentially affect it.

All members of EMECLAR SA must act in accordance with this code, policies and procedures that the company develops. Therefore, any collaborator who performs business practices or administrative management in terms other than those established by the company through this code and in violation of the laws must be reported anonymously to
The address is the author of this code and will ensure its compliance as well as is responsible for its control and updating if necessary.